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Rüdesheim is an excellent starting point for cycling tours through the Rheingau. On the 25 km route to Wiesbaden, you pass through picturesque wine communities such as Eltville and Oestrich. With a slope of just 1-2%, this section is particularly suitable for families. You can travel back comfortably by train.
Since summer 2019, you can cycle on the new panorama path from Rüdesheim to Assmannshausen.
You can comfortably cycle for 65 kilometres through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO world heritage site on the left-hand bank of the Rhine from Bingen to Koblenz, passing castles and vine slopes. Set off from Rüdesheim, cross over with the ferry and get on your bike!


Rüdesheim is an ideal starting point for motorbike tours, because there are enough curves to last for several days of motorbiking. With the Rheingau, the Taunus, the Hunsrück, the Pfälzer Bergland, and the Westerwald, attractive motorbike regions can be explored in eventful day trips. These are peppered with sociable biker stops, e.g. the meeting point at the Großer Feldberg mountain in Taunus, impressive motorbike museums in Westerwald, and many cafés and bistros along the Rhine, the Mosel and the Lahn.

Rüdesheim is on the „Hesse Motorcycle Road“ and is very popular with motorbikers, not only because of the annual Magic Bike Event, but for many other reasons aside from the excellent location as starting point.

For example, Rüdesheim has a very large selection of restaurants, wine bars and cafés, most of which can be reached on foot. This is of course very convenient for those on motorbike holidays when they have put their motorbike, helmet and biker boots away safely for the evening after an eventful day of touring.

A motorbike holiday in lively Rüdesheim is a particularly good idea during the week, when there is especially low traffic on our suggested tours. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate on a given day, a very enjoyable bike-free day can be had with a wine tasting or one of the many other enjoyable attractions.


The Rheingau winegrowing region offers diverse hiking loops of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. Due to their good train, bus and ship connections, both Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen are optimum starting points for either one-way trails or loops.

Above all, the premium hiking trail Rheinsteig, with a length of 320 km, promises „high-level hiking“ between Bonn and Wiesbaden through the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO world heritage site. The hiking trail offers variety and is well signposted – a top-class hiking experience for fit hikers. Breath-taking viewpoints invite you to take a rest, while alpine sections demand fitness and surefootedness.

The „Historienweg“ (History Trail) passes through sometimes steep vine slopes around Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen and informs you of attractions and history in the region on a route of approximately 15 km.

Many of the popular hiking loops of the „Rheingau Nordic Walking Riesling Park“ are easily manageable for less experienced hikers.

The „Wildkräuterwanderweg Assmannshausen“ (Assmannshausen herb hiking trail) is located where castles, Rhine and wine come together to form a unique natural and cultural landscape. This trail represents a herb experience destination in the well-known red wine town in the Rheingau, close to Rüdesheim. With a length of around 8 km, the trail passes through vineyards, past the famous Assmannshausen Höllenberg hill, old quarry stone walls, sparse forest edges and species-rich grasslands.

The 6.7 kilometre Hildegard Trail in Rüdesheim leads through the vineyards to the pilgrimage church in Eibingen and the St. Hildegard Abbey. At attractions and viewpoints, you will obtain an insight into Hildegard’s life and the landscape during her lifetime. From the Bingen/Rüdesheim passenger ferry or Rüdesheim train station, the trail leads to the Brömserburg Castle and the Rüdesheim vineyard landscape. Through Eibingen, with its pilgrimage church, you reach the abbey and then continue walking with a wide view of the Rhine valley. At the viaduct of the former cogwheel railway, you then return to Rüdesheim along an ancient path, the Kuhweg.

The short hiking tours include the Freiligrath Route – From Poetry to Enjoyment, the Ostein Route – From the Enchanted Forest to the Far View Temple, the Potters‘ Route – From the Pottery Kiln to the Wine Jug, the Monastery Route – From the „High“ Valley to the „Nothgottes“ Valley, and the Rhine Romantic Route – From Heaven to the Höllenberg.

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