Drosselgasse & old town

The Drosselgasse is not just an attraction in the evenings – it is part of the original Rüdesheim old town with its pretty narrow lanes. In the old town, you can see the noble courts and the Adlerturm (Eagle Tower), or just enjoy a glass of wine in one of the cosy taverns.


Castles & monuments

Impressive buildings that formed part of history and have stories to tell – the highest density of castles in the world can be found here in the Middle Rhine region. The most famous witnesses of time include the Niederwald monument as well as the Ehrenfels Castle ruins.


Monasteries & churches

The many churches and monasteries in Rüdesheim offer a different kind of retreat. If you’re looking for a moment of quietude, you’re in the right place. A look behind the church doors and monastery walls is very much worth it.


In the region

There’s also plenty to see beyond the town limits. In the region surrounding Rüdesheim, there are many places and leisure activities worth an excursion. From summer tobogganing to theme parks to eagle aviaries, there is something for everyone.