An experience for all your senses

The herb hikes provide a great opportunity to simply switch off. During these walks, herbalists pass on their knowledge – both in theory and in practice, in the form of delicious multi-course menus.

On a wine hike, vintners explain their work, the region and the wine. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to taste the wine, too. Does it get any better than that?

Assmannshausen herb restaurants

Food to nourish the body and the soul: That is the focus of the herb restaurants’ events. Enjoyment is at the centre of the culinary walks, which end with an outstanding meal after a tour through the vines.

Wine walks

All paths lead to vineyards – that’s how it is in Rüdesheim (if you choose, of course). Here you will learn a good deal about the work of a vintner and the various grapes. You will also get to taste the results!


Riesling and pinot noir are full-bodied ambassadors for Rüdesheim and the Rheingau region. But who is behind them? Many vintners ensure that the excellent reputation of the wines is maintained, and they are happy to open the doors of their vineyards.