Pleasure knows no closing time

Stay a little longer! Alright, I’m convinced. It’s so nice here. A good spot, a view of the Rhine terraces in Assmannshausen. Now for something delicious to eat and a glass of Riesling. Friendly people, a warm welcome, a good time chatting and socialising.

What shall we drink to? To a successful break in Rüdesheim. It’s a great place to spend time, even a longer break if you wish.

Gude – and until next time, no doubt.


Enjoy your meal! In Rüdesheim, no one needs to go home hungry. The gastronomic offering is simply too large, too good and too delicious for this. What will it be today? Everything can be recommended.


Still looking for a highlight for the evening? It’s best to go where the Rüdesheim locals go – to one of the many events offered here all year round. Mix with the people and have fun!

Drosselgasse & Höllengasse

Worth a visit in the evenings, too: You can bring the day to a stylish end in the Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim and the Höllengasse in Assmannshausen. Sometimes the streets are almost like long tables for friends and pleasure-seekers.