You start off towards Lorch and enjoy the Upper Middle Rhine Valley world heritage site, which extends as far as Koblenz. From Lorch, you can follow the romantic Rhine or start riding the curves via Ransel and meet Father Rhine behind Loreley, at St. Goarshausen. After Marksburg, you turn off towards Bad Ems and then upwards in Nassau. Finally, Montabaur and the “Wirzenborner Liss” is reached. Cakes can be enjoyed and classic motorbikes admired in the motorbike museum here. On the way to Lahn, about 20 kilometres of Westerwald curves await you. The route then cuts through “Heinrich” in the Taunus Mountains. On the last section through the Wisper Valley, the tour reveals its remaining trump cards and also a cultural highlight with a stop at the “Niederwalddenkmal” monument.

The route through the Westerwald is ideal for early risers. Combination with Tour 1 makes up a good day’s ride. A very cold wind is said to blow over the hills of the low mountain range, but this hardly matters on the hot routes. This route takes you over the Vorderwesterwald and through the Wied Valley to the motorbike museum in Steinebach, which has many impressive classics on display. Motorbike routes now connect Westerwald highlights such as the brewery town of Hachenburg, the Krombach reservoir and, with the 656-meter Fuchskaute, the highest point in the low mountain range. The twists and turns continue as far as Montabaur, which is visible from afar with its yellow castle, and then TOUR 1 is reached, which starts the return journey to Rüdesheim.

The winding route continues to Bad Schwalbach, passing the Oestricher Kran historical crane and the Eberbach Monastery. Off the main road, small roads lead to Idstein, with its half-timbered old town. The historical Killingerhaus building, the Witch Tower, and the Residenzschloss palace are also on the way! With the 880-meter Großer Feldberg mountain in the Taunus mountains, the largest bikers’ meeting point in the Rhine-Main region awaits its guests. This route also has tourist highlights including the Kubach Crystal Cave, castles and beautiful half-timbered buildings along the Lahn – in Weilburg, Runkel and Limburg. At Balduinstein, you set course for the Rheingau. On the slope, a stop with a view of Katzenelnbogen Castle is not to be missed and soon the Rhine is in sight, accompanying the motorbikers back to Rüdesheim.

This attractive motorbike route leads to the other side of the Rhine and presents the fascinating tracks between the Rhine and the Moselle. The ferry is taken at Kaub and the first small roads, parallel to the B9, can be tackled with relish just a few minutes later. The full curve fan can be experienced around St. Goar and Boppard, before the Moselle is reached a little later at Brodenbach. The interspersed Hunsrück passage from Burgen to Beltheim and then to Treis-Karden is especially recommended to cruising fans, because the mix of long curves and fabulous views is sure to impress. Grab a quick ice cream along the Moselle – the famous town of Cochem is ideal for this – and set off again into the dramatic Hunsrück uplands. Just a glance at the map will give you an idea of the steering work to be done between Treis-Karden and Zell. Narrow hairpin bends and asphalt that does not always provide optimum conditions demand respect – this is a good training ground for anyone planning a trip to the Alps. You can catch one last glimpse of the Moselle in Zell before starting on the return journey to Rüdesheim. The attractive route leads through the inviting castle town of Kastellaun, and after the ferry ride to Lorch, the motorbikers are on the right-hand side of the Rhine again and can cruise casually to Rüdesheim.

The destinations of this tour, which starts with a ferry to Bingen, are Soonwald and the Nahe region. Shortly after Rheinstein Castle, you turn off towards Rheinböllen and the lively motorbike fun continues. It quickly becomes apparent that this tour presents many lesser known but very attractive motorbike roads. The Soonwald, for example, offers quite a few high points that easily exceed the 600-meter mark, with lively asphalt curves in between. The following bend via Kirchberg – the perfect place to stop for a break with its inviting gastronomy – keeps the tour fun at a good level and directs curve fans to Idar-Oberstein, Germany’s gemstone metropolis. Soon, you are riding alongside the Nahe river. There are pleasant places to stop in Kirn, Bad Sobernheim and Bad Münster am Stein. The last part of the tour winds delightfully in the direction of Stromberg and then leads to Bingen, from where the ferry takes you back to the starting point in Rüdesheim.

This add-on option to TOUR 4 leads through the Palatine Uploads and to the German Wine Route. From Ober-Moschel until shortly before Kaiserslautern, this very motorbike-friendly route winds along pleasantly. Feel free to depart a little from the route and be rewarded by an unbelievable network of micro-roads that invite you to go motorbike touring. You then cruise pleasantly towards Bad Dürkheim, parallel to the A6. Make sure to take a selfie with the giant wine barrel in Bad Dürkheim before heading for the Donnersberg, the highest peak in the entire Palatinate region at 687 meters high. With plenty of twists and turns and little traffic, the route winds its way back to Bad Kreuznach before returning to the starting point of Rüdesheim.