Drosselgasse and Old Town

“Gude“ mood, “Gude“ wine, “Gude“ music – that is what the wold famous Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim is all about. In the historic lane, which is only 144 meters and two meters wide, the guests from all over the world are welcomed with a warmly „Gude“. Enjoy romantic moments & unforgettable times in the cozy wine gardens, traditional wine bars and restaurants all day long.

Höllengasse and Rhine terrace in Assmannshausen

The night is not just for sleeping! Although we aim to make sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, Assmannshausen also offers a wide range of evening entertainment and a lively atmosphere. Cosy cellar pubs and wine bars, rhythmic dance bars and inns with a great ambiance where you can experience the typical Rhenish conviviality make the nights pass quickly. Enjoyable hours on the sunny side of the Rhine! Shady leafy terraces form part of a perfect day visiting Assmannshausen. Tasty regional cuisine and dishes for connoisseurs, accompanied by full-bodied Assmannshausen pinot noir wines, help you to feel a carefree sense of wellbeing with a view of the magical scenery of the Rhine.

Rüdesheimer noble courts

On the Oberstrasse street, there are a number of beautiful old courts from different cultural epochs: the Frankensteiner Hof, the Ritter‘sche Hof and the Bassenheimer Hof. Undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the Rüdesheim noble courts on the Oberstrasse is the Brömserhof, built in 1292. The Gothic chapel and the ancestral hall with magnificent frescoes in the former seat of the old Rüdesheim Brömser family are still an impressive sight. Today, the Brömserhof is home to the Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments.


The Klunkhardshof is one of the most impressive half-timbered buildings in Rüdesheim’s old town and its solid back wall formed part of the town’s oldest fortifications. The house was formerly owned by the highly respected Klunkhard family, one of whom was an abbot of Eberbach Abbey.

Eagle Tower

This late Gothic corner tower is 20.5 metres tall and was built in the 15th century. It used to stand directly on the banks of the Rhine and formed a part of the old town fortifi cations. On his visits to Rüdesheim, the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stayed in the guest house “Zum Adler”,
which was then located in the tower. From its windows, he admired the beautiful view over the Rhine.


The two Glockenspiel chimes in Rüdesheim, which can be admired every day between 9:30 am and 10 pm, are a popular attraction. One of these chimes on each full hour from the tower of the Rüdesheimer Schloss in the Drosselgasse cobbled road. It shows different wooden figures which symbolise the four great wine vintages of the 20th century. Its counterpart, with bells made from original Meissen porcelain, can be admired in the windows of Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet and is played on the half hour.

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