Let´s go

Where to start? Best to get an overview first, or rather enjoy the view. It’s sensational in Rüdesheim. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO world heritage site offers a breath-taking panorama. It shows its best side from every perspective, and there’s no way around that – but many ways to get there. The Niederwald monument comes into view from some points, the Höllenberg hill of the romantic red wine town of Assmannshausen from others, and the vines can be seen all around.

In Rüdesheim, the desire for adventure can be satisfied all year round. Activity, relaxation, cuisine, nature or town – whatever you feel like and just the way you like it.

On the water

The full beauty of the Rheingau region around Rüdesheim can be appreciated from the water. Sitting on the deck, you can watch vineyards, castles, the Niederwald monument and small towns float by and take notes on what you would like to take a closer look at later.

In the town

Behind every corner, there is a pretty café, a restaurant or a wine tavern – as well as attractions, of course. Hm, maybe one of the many themed guided tours would be a good idea. There will always be time for shopping afterwards.

Into history

Seen it yet? There’s attraction after attraction in Rüdesheim. Churches, castles, even a palace, as well as museums, such as “Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett” museum with one of the largest collections of self-playing musical instruments.

In the Drosselgasse

Gude! It’s something of a magic word in the Rheingau region and is often heard in the Drosselgasse. It opens the hearts of Rüdesheim residents and the doors to the wine taverns, guest houses and restaurants.

To the vineyards

To pleasure! The vintner express takes you through the town directly to the vineyards. The cableway and chairlift also travel purposefully uphill and downhill over the vines. Don’t forget to check out the views!

To pleasure

Boredom is hard to encounter in Rüdesheim, but pleasure can always be found. Go pony riding, summer tobogganing or to the theme park. Who says these things are only fun for kids?