Loreley-Bob summer toboggan run

The Loreley-Bob is a special attraction on the Loreley plateau along the “Rheinsteig” premium hiking trail. In comfortable toboggans the guests, alone or in pairs, whizz down a 700 m long stainless steel hollow at speeds of up to 40 km/h. Beforehand, a lift system takes you comfortably to the top station, where the toboggan automatically disengages for the downhill run. Children from the age of three can toboggan in the company of an adult, from the age of 8 the facility may be used alone. With two brake/acceleration levers, the guests determine their own speed, just as they like it. The special feature of the track is the action-packed course, which is peppered with a maze of 7 curves, additional S-curves, waves and jumps for an extra dose of fun.

Taunus Wunderland – theme park

At the Taunus Wunderland amusement park boredom stays at the entrance gates. The atmosphere and the unique location at the gates of Wiesbaden and in the middle of the forests of the Taunus heights are special. Whether on the fast Taunusblitz roller coaster, the world’s craziest free-fall tower “Knall + Fall”, on the pirate swing, the high water slide or the Gold Mine Resort. There is action for the whole family. Lots of fun and action is also guaranteed at the big events. On Rangers Road, drivers young and old can step on the gas themselves and will have a blast on this car circuit. Secure your tickets in advance at the Tourist Information Rüdesheim!

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