Savour the entire offering

Feast your eyes! Enjoyment doesn’t just start when you taste the food or drink the wine. What you are served in Rüdesheim looks delicious, too. There is a heavy emphasis on regional ingredients – and you taste it in every mouthful.

Quality is key and it speaks for itself in Rüdesheim, without the need for any fancy gimmicks, especially when it comes to Riesling and pinot noir. Speaking of which – a trip to a vineyard wouldn’t go amiss, or indeed wine tasting in Rüdesheim or Assmannshausen. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled: there might be a real wine princess behind the next corner.


What’s on the menu today? Always good food from the region, but you can decide for yourself exactly what. There’s plenty to choose from.

Discover Asbach

A very special distillate from selected wines: Asbach is a unique speciality. Make sure to try it in praline form! Asbach is also an ingredient in Rüdesheim Coffee, which tastes best from an original Rüdesheim Coffee cup.

Experience wine culture

Riesling and pinot noir are not just big names locally, but are famous far beyond the town limits. A large number of vintners are responsible for their taste and outstanding quality. They would be pleased to receive a visit from you.